Find & Contact

Venue Owner – Laura Colman 07976 288329

Assistant Manager – Megan Parker  07720 259995

Development Manager – Julia Heywood 07539 279278

For dates, schedules, sponsorship, event & venue hire.

Show Secretary & Enquiries –  07720 259995

Both Laura and Megan can be contacted on 07720 259995 for general enquiries, show day enquiries and arena hire.  Please note that on show days particularly between 8.30 am and 10 am this phone may go to voicemail where we will try and record updates.  Show updates re entry numbers will be updated via Facebook at regular intervals.  Please note that all show entries can be made via the events on our calendar through EVENTS AND ENTRIES in the main menu.  Arena hire can be booked via the HIRE menu.  If arena hire is not available on a certain day it may be worth contacting us to see if we have a slot around clinics or show day preparations, evenings or early morning etc.

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