Arena Hire

Main arena (80m x 60m) – £20 per half hour for one horse

2nd Arena (60m x 25m) with 20 x 60 dressage arena with continuous white boards set and towers – £22 per 45 minutes for one horse.

Each half hour (main arena) or 45 minute (dressage arena) time slot allows one horse, additional horses within that time are charged at £5 each.

For example, one hour on the main area with 2 horses would cost £40, but an hour booking with 3 horses would incur an extra charge of £5. The booking system works out your price.

You can book for up to 4 hours with the online system on the main arena or 90 minutes on the dressage arena. If you would like to book longer, or a day for clinics and events etc or have any other questions then please call Lorraine on 07974 151272.

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